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Keith Dobson

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My research interests lie primarily in the area of cognition and various psychopathological states; notably depression. Within this broad area I have conducted research on topics such as cognitive assessment in depression, the interactive role of cognition and life events in the causation of depression, the capability of assessment tools to differentiate anxiety from depression, and description of stable and unstable aspects of cognition associated with depression. Another aspect of my interest in cognitive models is the question of their therapeutic relevance. I have pursued this interest through studies examining cognitive therapy for depression, as well as training and process studies in cognitive therapy.  A recent focus of work has been on stigma related to mental disorders.

Additional Topics:
Professional Issues

Recent Work

Selected Recent Publications

Prentice, J. L. & Dobson, K. S.  (2014). A review of the risks and benefits associated with mobile phone applications for psychological interventions.  Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne, 55(4), 282-290. 

Beshai, S., Prentice, J. L., Dobson, K. S., & Nicpon, K. (2014).  Gender and Attention in Depression: Examining the role of modified attention in shifting mood and cognitions. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 38, 621–633.  DOI 10.1007/s10608-014-9631-y 

Stuart, H., Chen, S- P., Christie, R., Dobson, K. S., Kirsh, B., Knaak, S., Koller, M., Krupa, T., Lauria- Horner, B., Luong, D., Modgill, G., Patten, S. B., Pietrus, M., Szeto, A., Whitley, R. (2014). Opening Minds in Canada: Targeting change. The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 59, S13- S18. 

Hawley, L. S., Zuroff, D. C., Brozina, K., Ho, M. R., & Dobson, K. S. (2014).  Self-critical perfectionism and stress reactivity following cognitive behavioural therapy for depression. International Journal of Cognitive Therapy, 7(3), 287–303.

Scherrer, M. C., Dobson, K. S., & Quigley, L. (2014). Predictors of self-reported negative mood following a Depressive mood induction procedure across previously depressed, currently anxious, and control Individuals. British Journal of Clinical Psychology. 53, 348–368. 

Ottenbreit, N. D., Dobson, K. S., & Quigley, L. (2014). An examination of avoidance in depression in comparison to social anxiety disorder.  Behaviour Research and Therapy, 56, 82- 90. 


Selected Recent Book Chapters:

Tieu, Y., & Dobson, K. S. (2016).  Cognitive behavior therapy for depression. In P. L. Fisher & A. Wells (Eds.) Treating depression: Principles and practice of CBT, MBCT and third wave therapies.  Chichester, England: J. Wiley & Sons.

 Dobson, K. S., &  Hamilton, K. E. (2009). Cognitive restructuring: Behavioral tests of negative cognitions. In W. T. O'Donohue and J. E. Fisher (Eds.) General principles and empirically supported techniques of cognitive behavior therapy.  (pp. 194-198). Hoboken, NJ, US: John Wiley & Sons Inc.



Dobson, K. S., & Mastikhina, L. (in press).  Cognitive Behavioral Theoretical Framework. In A. Wenzel (Ed.). SAGE Encyclopedia of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology.  Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Books.

Epp A.M., Dobson K.S., and Pusch D. (2012) Psychopathology: Diagnosis, assessment, and classification. In: V.S. Ramachandran (Ed.).  The Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, Vol. 3, pp. 225-233. Academic Press.


Recent Books:

 Dobson, D. J. G., & Dobson, K. S. (2009). Evidence-based Practice of cognitive behavior therapy.  New York, NY: Guilford Press. 

 Dobson, K. S. (Editor). (2010). Handbook of Cognitive-behavioral Therapies (3rd Edition). New York, NY: Guilford Press.

 Dobson, K. S. (2012).  Cognitive therapy.  Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association Press.

 Dobson, D. J. G., & Dobson, K. S. (in press). Evidence-based Practice of cognitive behavior therapy, 2nd edition.  New York, NY: Guilford Press. 


Videos and DVDs:

 Dobson, K. S. (2010).  Cognitive  therapy over time.  Series VII-  Psychotherapy in Six Sessions.  Series editor: J. Carlson.  Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association. 

 Dobson, K. S. (2011).  Cognitive –behavioral therapy strategies.  Series I-  Systems of Psychotherapy.  Series editor: J. Carlson.  Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association. 

 Dobson, K. S., Hays, P. A., & Wenzel, A. (2015). Cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and strategies series. (6 DVDs). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association.

Psychological assessment and case conceptualization

Session structure and behavioral strategies

Problem solving

Cognitive restructuring of automatic thoughts

Core belief work and acceptance

Relapse prevention and ending treatment

Recent Consultations and Roles

 Conference Board of Canada. Minding what matters: Advancing mental health in Canadian organizations.   Conference Board report. May, 2011.

 Member, International Scientific Advisory Committee, International Congress of Cognitive Therapies, Istanbul, Turkey, June, 2011.

 Chair, International Scientific Advisory Committee, World Congress of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Lima, Peru, 2013.  

 Honorary Advisor, Chinese Association of Cognitive-behavioral Therapy. Hong  Kong, May, 2010- 2013.


 Principal  Investigator, Workplace Anti-stigma Programs, Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2010- 2013. 


Book Chapters/Contributions - Peer Reviewed

Journal Articles - Peer Reviewed

Curriculum Vitae



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