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Keith Yeates

  • Professor
  • Ward Chair Ped Brain Injury

Research Interests

Broadly speaking, my research aims to better understand the outcomes of childhood brain injury and influences on recovery, and thereby foster more effective treatment and management. My current projects focus on concussion and mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), in terms of both assessment and treatment. I am particularly interested in understanding the interplay of neurobiological and psychosocial factors in determining children’s outcomes after mild TBI, and how such factors can be modified through intervention to improve outcomes. I am collaborating with an interdisciplinary group of investigators to address these issues.

I also have an interest in children’s social development after TBI, as well as other brain disorders. I directed a large multi-site study of social outcomes in children with TBI, and am working with several groups investigating social outcomes in childhood brain tumors, neurofibromatosis, and stroke.


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Representative publications:

McNally, K. A., Bangert, B., Dietrich, A., Nuss, K., Rusin, J., Wright, M., Taylor, H. G., & Yeates, K. O. (2013). Injury versus non-injury factors as predictors of post-concussive symptoms following mild traumatic brain injury in children. Neuropsychology, 27, 1-12.

Taylor, H. G., Orchinik, L. J., Minich, N., Dietrich, A., Nuss, K., Wright, M., Bangert, B., Rusin, J., & Yeates, K. O. (2015). Symptoms of persistent behavior problems in children with mild traumatic brain injury. Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation, 30, 302-310.

Yeates, K. O., Bigler, E. D., Abildskov, T., Dennis, M., Gerhardt, C. A., Vannatta, K., Rubin, K. H., Stancin, T., & Taylor, H. G. (2014). Social competence in pediatric traumatic brain injury: From brain to behavior. Clinical Psychological Science, 2, 97-107.



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