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Research Laboratories

Addiction Neuroscience Laboratory Dr. Vedran Lovic
Addictive Behaviours Laboratory Dr. David Hodgins
Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory Dr. Jos Eggermont
Behavioural Medicine Laboratory Dr. Tavis Campbell
Chronobiology Lab Dr. Mike Antle
Clinical Neuroscience of Schizophrenia (CNS) Laboratory Dr. Vina Goghari
Cognition and Emotion Lab Dr. Christopher Sears
Cognitive Development Laboratory Dr. Suzanne Hala
Cognitive Ergonomics Research Laboratory,
Healthcare Human Factors and Simulation Laboratory
Dr. Jeff Caird
Depression Research Laboratory Dr. Keith Dobson
Discourse Analysis Lab Dr. Lorrie Radtke, Dr. Hank Stam, Dr. Mike Boyes
Eating Behaviours Laboratory Dr. Kristin von Ranson
Healthy Aging Lab Dr. Candace Konnert
Healthy Hearts Lab Dr. Lianne Tomfohr
Hippocampal Electrophysiology Lab Dr. Brian Bland
Individual and Team Performance Lab Dr. Tom O'Neill
Language and Cognitive Development Laboratory Dr. Susan Graham
Language Processing Laboratory Dr. Penny Pexman
Memory and Cognition Laboratory Dr. Glen Bodner
Neural Development and Plasticity Lab Dr. Richard Dyck
Brain Dynamics Lab Dr. Andrea Protzner
Neural Plasticity Laboratory Dr. Cam Teskey
NeuroLab Dr. Giuseppe Iaria
Perceptual and Cognitive Aging Laboratory Dr. Chip Scialfa
Recruitment and Selection Lab Dr. Derek Chapman
Relationships Lab Dr. Susan Boon
Speech Development Lab Dr. Suzanne Curtin
Substance Use and Gambling Laboratory Dr. Dan McGrath