New submission procedures: Theory & Psychology will only accept manuscripts through its manuscript submission web page beginning January 1, 2007.

Manuscript submission is done via a fully web-based peer review and submission system based on a platform produced by ScholarOne®.  It will be used to manage the entire manuscript process from submission to publication. Using a graphical interface, the system guides authors through a simple and efficient submission process via a series of step-by-step prompts.

All of the other aspects of the journal’s production (simultaneous paper and electronic publication) remain unchanged.  Please note that this change does not affect book reviews, which will continue to be managed via email by the Book Review Editors.

To submit a manuscript please visit and follow the instructions.  As of January 1, 2007, authors who wish to have their articles considered for publication by Theory & Psychology need to submit them via this manuscript submission website.

The Theory & Psychology editorial team recognizes that a web-based submission may not be possible for some authors.  Authors who cannot submit their articles via the web-based system should contact the editorial office ( to discuss alternative submission procedures.  

Theory & Psychology urges all authors to consult these 2 web pages prior to submission: Notes for Contributors and General Manuscript Preparation & Electronic Submission.  Please note that we will likely return a manuscript to the author if it is not prepared according to journal style.

If you are the author, editor or publisher of a book, or you would like to review a book, or propose a book for review, please check the following:
If you are considering a proposal for a Special Issue, please read the following:


Questions? e-mail the editor