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Recent Theses

Recent Honours Theses in the Department

Students presented their theses at the 20th Annual Student Research Conference on April 29, 2016.

Honours student Thesis title Supervisor
Laura Gongora
A Further Examination of the Validity of the Interpersonal Revenge Behaviour Measure: A Measure for Predicting Revenge in Romantic Relationships Dr. Susan Boon
Lisa Henkel Action Understanding in 12-month-old Infants: Action Anticipation and Target Prediction Dr. Suzanne Curtin
Emma Hoblak

Understanding the Relationship Between Leadership Abilities and Social Skills in Children with ADHD

Dr. Emma Climie
Chi Hye Hwang

Abusive Supervision Differentiation on Peer-Directed Interpersonal Deviance: The Mediating Role of Resentment

Dr. Tunde Orunfowora
Sahela Jalava Does Corrective Feedback Increase Forced-Choice Recognition Accuracy Across Study-Test Cycles?

Dr. Glen Bodner

Benjamin Kim Examining the Earliest Warning Signs and Symptoms between Alcohol, Gambling and Eating Disorders. Dr. David Hodgins
Denise Law The Effect of Configural Dispersion on Peer Ratings in Teams Dr. Tom O'Neill
Danielle Lefebvre Cognitive Training for the Healthy Aging Population Dr. Vina Goghari
Brittany Lindsay Public Stigma of Sex Addiction Dr. Andrew Szeto
Chantelle Magel Multigenerational Transmission of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Impact of Prenatal Maternal Cortisol Alterations on Infant Stress Reactivity. Dr. Gerald Giesbrecht
Lauren McCallum An Exploratory Study of Supportive-Expressive Group Therapy for Women with Gastrointestinal Cancers Dr. Linda Carlson
Justin McLeod Affective Forecasting: How Depressive Sumptoms Affect Future Oriented Cognition in Romantic Relationships Dr. K.Edwin Sheppard
Kaitlyn Meador Dispositional Factors Predicting to use of tinder: Rejection Sensitivity, Adult Attachment and Personality Characteristics Dr. K.Edwin Sheppard
Bijan Mohamed The Behavioural and Neural Consequences of Intensive Short-Term Lexical Training Dr. Andrea Protzner
Camila Maturana Palacios The Early Predictors of Maternal Patenting Self-Efficacy: an Exploratory Study Dr. Lianne Tomforh-Madsen
Christina Rash Self-Generated Motives for Not Gambling among Non-Gamblers Dr. Dan McGrath
Jaime Rasmussen the Association between Pre-Surgical Psychopathology and Post-Surgical Weight Loss and Quality of Life after Bariatric Surgery Dr. Tavis Campbell
Emma Ritchie The Effect of Nicotine Withdrawal on Gambling in Gamblers who Smoke Dr. Dan McGrath
Jesse Stanich Does Mindfulness Affect Semantic Processing? An Examination of Mindfulness on a Lexical Decision Task Dr. Penny Pexam
Felicia Stubbert PEERS: Improving Social Motivation in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder Dr. Adam McCrimmon
Jacob Ursenbach Identity Processing Styles and Student Adjustment: The Mediational Role of Avoidant Stress Coping Strategies Dr. Micheale Boyes
Silvana Valera The Relationship between Sleep Quality and Emotional Empath Dr. Giuseppe Iaria
Christianne Varty Is the Direct Supervisor Enough? the Relative Validities of Multiple Role Models in the Workplace Safety Context Dr. Tunde Ogunforwora
Antony Wang Comparing Pure Optic Flow and Pure Vestibular/Proprioceptive Path Integraton Performances: Can One Reflect The Other? Dr. Giuseppe Iaria
Lisa Wilcox Modulation of Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis: Effects of Environmental Enrichment and Perinatal Fluoxetine Exposure in the Dentate Gyrus Dr. Richard Dyck
Alicia Zumbusch Early Life Adversity Potentiates Escalation of Opioid Seeking Dr. Vedran Lovic